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on screen advertising

The Best Ad Value in Town • A Partnership You can Afford

An Opportunity That Won’t Last

There are two screens at the St. Johns Cinema. Ads show for 30 – 45 minutes prior to each movie showing, ads run about 12 seconds each. Feedback from our Advertising Partners since the start of the business has been overwhelmingly positive. Screen Advertising works!

Be a Partner

Your business has the opportunity to be one of the Advertising Partners of St. Johns Cinema. The Theater has a maximum of 25 paid ads at any given time and as slots open up then new accounts are called off a waiting list. If you are interested please contact Jeremy Longstreet at 503-481-4586 or email using the form below.Your business can supply a digital file as an ad or we can make one for you.

What Does Screen Advertising Do For Your Business?

It elevates your business within the community, it gets your brand and image into the public sphere at a very reasonable rate and it works very well. Studies show screen advertising is 10 times more effective than TV ads in message retention of the viewer. Most theater goers can freely recall screen ads they saw after the movie. If you want effective and inexpensive advertising then this is it.

For On Screen Advertising Contact:

Jeremy Longstreet
Ph: 503-481-4586